Do you work at a high school or are you an Outdoor Education teacher, Community Group leader or just someone who's interested in teaching new lifesaving skills to teenagers?
Become an ACT Community Lifesaver Facilitator today!
Royal Life Saving ACT has launched the brand new 'ACT Community Lifesaver' Project and we need your help!
The Royal Life Saving Society’s 2019 National Drowning Report presented a shocking overview of statistics generated from the 276 lives tragically lost to drowning over the 2018-19 financial year period. The themes of risk-taking behaviour and alcohol consumption were again identified as contributing factors to some of these drownings. 45 fatalities were people aged 15-24. 81% of all fatal drownings reported were males. And rivers accounted for more fatal drowning incidents than any other location.
Royal Life Saving ACT has developed the ACT Community Lifesaver Project targeting ACT youths aged 12-18 for participation. Our goal is to educate young people on the risks associated with aquatic recreation activities and locations, and provide some solid guiding principles, knowledge and skills that they can draw on to make smart and safe choices around the water.
The ACT Community Lifesaver Project will create over 1000 NEW COMMUNITY LIFESAVERS in Canberra!
The ACT Community Lifesaver Project is funded through a National Inland Waterways Drowning Prevention Project, which is delivered Australia-wide by Royal Life Saving and supported by the Australian Government. Every State and Territory uses the funds to facilitate drowning prevention intervention activities such programs, campaigns and events, that aim to:
- Grow the awareness of the dangers associated with inland waterways such as rivers, lakes, dams and pools;
- Increase the understanding of the importance of quality water safety education; and
- Improve aquatic skills for people known to be at risk of drowning.


There are 2 stages to the ACT Community Lifesaver Project:

In Stage 1 we will engage 100 Canberra ‘locals’ (is this YOU?) and participate in our specially developed “Stage 1 Online Induction Workshops” to become our new army of ACT Community Lifesaver Facilitators. 


Stage 1  ACT Community Lifesaver Online Induction

To be eligible to participate in one of our FREE Online Induction, you just have to A) Be a current resident of Canberra, and B) Pledge to facilitating a workshop of your own and passing on your Community Lifesaver knowledge and skills to 10 young people aged 12-18. Note that student's must be registered before June 2020 That’s It! 

Got 10 grandchildren that fit the target age-group? Bingo!

Think your church group could benefit from this? Absolutely!

Reckon your high school PE class should participate? Definitely!


Your workshop can be facilitated at a time and place that suits you. It doesn’t even have to be in a formal setting. We just want to know about it so we can track the progress towards our goal of creating 1000 NEW COMMUNITY LIFESAVERS!


The three areas of learning are:
Bronze E-Lifesaving: an interactive e-learning program that challenges and engages youth on issues such as:
  • Risk-taking behaviour;
  • Peer influences and
  • Alcohol consumption when recreating in and around water.
Resuscitation: Basic DRSABCD and CPR skills using new interactive technology from Laerdal.
Rescue Demonstrations: Visual clips demonstrating various aquatic rescue skills such as: safe entries and exits, survival strokes, defensive techniques and much more.
Stage 2 will commence in January 2020 and must be completed by JUNE 2020.
Stage 2 will involve you, our newly skilled and knowledgeable COMMUNITY LIFESAVER PROJECT FACILITATORS, creating your very own Community Lifesaver protégés out in the big wide world (well…. within Canberra anyway!) If each of our 100 Stage 1 participants can pass on their Community Lifesaver knowledge and skills to just 10 other people aged 12-18 by June 2020, we will reach our goal of 1000 New Community Lifesavers!
Stage 2 ACT Community Lifesaver Project Delivery
Between now and June 2020, our 100 new ACT Community Lifesaver Facilitators will help us reach our final goal of 1,000 NEW COMMUNITY LIFESAVERS!
To achieve this goal, each ACT Community Lifesaver Facilitator must commit to delivering the program to a minimum of 10 youths. Student's must be registered by June 30th 2020.
It should also be noted there is no requirement to take youths to the pool or other waterways to complete the Community Lifesaver workshops with them, however should you choose to, we may be able to help cover your pool entry costs through the project!!!!
Some extra BLING
If you register a group of MORE than 10 youths in Stage 2 of the project, you will have the chance to receive a Community Lifesaver Kit with equipment to help with your facilitation of the program. *Limited supplies
Each delivery kit is valued at $1,000.00 and includes:
  • 1 x Trainer AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)
  • 2 x QCPR Little Anne Manikins
  • 1 x Box of manikin face shields
  • 1 x Box of manikin face wipes                                                             
If you believe you can help us reach our goals and wish to participate in one of our FREE Stage 1 ACT Community Lifesaver Online Induction, please click the enrol button below. This is an opportunity for everyone and we look forward to working with you to reduce drownings in the ACT to ZERO and keep our kids safe around water.
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